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Silent Hill dark Whispers by N0b0dyXIII Silent Hill dark Whispers by N0b0dyXIII
This is a cover project I made for a Silent Hill music CD that compilates the best vocal musics from the Series.

I felt like doing this as a tribute to every single person who worked on Silent Hill Projects (games from the first to the fifth [still in production] and all it’s spin-offs; books; Comic Books; Movie an, of course, Soundtracks), since all of them do mean a lot to me.

I’m proud to say that I’ve finally purchased the first Silent Hill game (for PSone), increasing my SH collection! :dance:

Bellow it’s the list of the entire collection, if you want a guide to improve yours:

Silent Hill (PSone)
Silent Hill 2 (Ps2)
Silent Hill 2 - Director’s Cut (Ps2)
Silent Hill 3 (Ps2)
Silent Hill 4: The Room (Ps2)
Silent Hill Origins (PSP)
Silent Hill Play Novel (GBA)
Silent Hill Orphan (Cell Phone)
[Silent Hill Arcade (well, not a buyable game, since it’s an arcade it’s extremely difficult and/or expensive to get. But given the chance don’t miss to play it ‘till the end)]

Silent Hill 1 OST
Silent Hill 1 Complete Soundtrack
Silent Hill 2 OST
Silent Hill 2 Complete
Silent Hill 2 Complete Soundtrack
Silent Hill 2 - Born From a Wish
Silent Hill 2 Unreleased Tracks
Silent Hill 2 - Undefined
Silent Hill 3 OST
Silent Hill 3 Limited
Silent Hill 3 Unreleased
Silent Hill 4 OST
Silent Hill 4 Japanese OST
Silent Hill 4 Limited Edition OST
Silent Hill 4 The Room Japanese Released Bundle CD - Inescapable rain in Yoshiwara (Audio Drama)
Silent Hill 4 The Room - Robbie Tracks
Silent Hill 4 Unreleased Tracks
Silent Hill 4 Selected Unreleased Tracks
Silent Hill 4 Complete Soundtrack
Silent Hill Play Novel OST
Silent Hill Zero OST

Fan Soundtracks:
Liminality - A Silent Hill Inspired Album
os1R!s - Sanctuary of Memories
os1R!s - Through the Darkness
Wialenove - The Hole - Silent Hill Edition
Y-Ring - Nightree Morningas
Broken Notes
Broken Notes Melancholy
Broken Notes Sanatorium
Broken Notes Intermission (volume 1)
Broken Notes Intermission (volume 2)
Broken Notes from the Vault
Broken Notes Unreleased
Broken Notes Unedited
Silent Hill Fan Soundtrack
Silent Hill Tribute (Fan Tracks, Remixes and Covers)
[Silent Hill Best Off]*
[Silent Hill Dark Whispers]*
[Silent Hill Whispers From The Lost Days - Acoustic Themes]*
[Silent Hill Unheard Screams]*

*by me

Art of Silent Hill
Lost Memories: The Art and Music of Silent Hill
The Silent Hill Experience (UMD for PSP)
Silent Hill (the movie)

Lost Memories
Drawing Block: Silent Hill 3 Program
Silent Hill (Fog, Darkness and Nightmare)

Comic Books:
Silent Hill Dying Inside
Silent Hill Dead - Alive
Silent Hill Three Bloody Tales
Silent Hill Cage of Cradle
Silent Hill Double Under Dusk

Huge list, but it’s a hell of a collection! =)
SpeikobraRote Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
do you really own every little bit of that collection?
... I would fall on my knees and plead just to have a look into the Drawing Block: Silent Hill 3 Program XD
My collection is so damn little...
but nice cover really :D
I did one myself a while ago also with booklet and everything
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